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Address : No.15, New Giri Road,
  Opp. Accord Hotel,
  Off. G.N.Chetty Road,
  T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017.
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SGEL has been supplying to Areva, Siemens, ABB, BHEL and Crompton Greaves
About Us

SARAVANA GLOBAL ENERGY LIMITED (SGEL) is a reputed manufacturer of Alumina porcelain and Composite Insulators for all applications from 11kV to 1200kV for supply to all customers such as SEBs, EPCs, OEMs, Power Grid Corporation of India, NTPC, Railway Electrification and Export customers.

The promoters of SGEL have been successful in other businesses in Tamilnadu for more than four decades and took over the total assets of Seshasayee Industries Limited (SIL) in 2002 and commenced commercial production in 2004.

Building on the core strength of SIL as one of the first plants in India to produce high strength Alumina porcelain and provide import substitute to Solid Core and Hollow Insulators, the promoters combined the expertise of SIL personnel in Production Techniques and added modern machinery and management approach to enhance Quality, Productivity and Efficiency. In short span of 6 years the company has emerged as the leading supplier in India, over taking many existing players.

Registered Office:
No.15, New Giri Road, Opp. Accord Hotel, Off. G.N.Chetty Road,
T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017.
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Plant location:
Porcelain Plant with 12000 MT annual production capacities and Composite plant with state of art HTV Injection Molding machines at P.N. Kuppam, Cuddalore district, Tamilnadu; about 50 Km from Pudducherry and 220 Km from Chennai.
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Product range:

  • Solid Core Post Insulators up to 765 KV.
  • Hollow Core Insulators up to 765 KV for Circuit breakers, Instrument transformers, Surge Arrestors etc.
  • Long Rod Insulators for applications up to 765 KV with 210 KN UTS.
  • 25kV Solid core Insulators for Railway Electrification as per RDSO specifications.


  • Long Rod Insulators for Transmission lines with 210kN UTS up to 765 kV.
  • HVDC insulators up to 800kV
  • Distribution Insulators from 11kV to 33kV with Ball/socket & Tongue/Clevis.
  • Post Insulators up to 245kV.
  • Hollow Insulators up to 245kV.
  • 25kV Solid core Insulators for Railway Electrification as per RDSO specifications.
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